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Making your home healthier

* Completely air-seals buildings, creating a comfortable, draft-free, condensation-free environment * Minimizes the potential for mold growth Locks out dust, allergens, odors and pollutants * Isolates your living space from toxic garage fumes * 100% water-blown - does NOT contain formaldehyde, CFCs, HCFCs, ...

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Why Foam IS Energy Efficient

* Reduces energy bills by up to 50% each month * Minimizes random air leakage * Maintains consistent indoor ambient temperature using less energy * Reduces heating and cooling loads on HVAC equipment * Contributes to meeting Energy Star mortgage requirements * Enhances resale value ...

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Why Foam IS Quieter

* Seals small openings such as cracks around doors and electrical outlets to minimize the transmission of sound * Minimizes noise originating from plumbing pipes within walls * Encapsulates home theaters for enhanced sound proofing * Reduces airborne sound that originates from the ...

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I had no idea that any one product could do so much for our homes as well as benefit the clients. We were able to reduce our energy consumption dramatically, which reduced our energy bills.