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Making your home healthier

* Completely air-seals buildings, creating a comfortable, draft-free, condensation-free environment * Minimizes the potential for mold growth Locks out dust, allergens, odors and pollutants * Isolates your living space from toxic garage fumes * 100% water-blown - does NOT contain formaldehyde, CFCs, HCFCs, ...

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Why Foam IS Energy Efficient

* Reduces energy bills by up to 50% each month * Minimizes random air leakage * Maintains consistent indoor ambient temperature using less energy * Reduces heating and cooling loads on HVAC equipment * Contributes to meeting Energy Star mortgage requirements * Enhances resale value ...

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Why Foam IS Quieter

* Seals small openings such as cracks around doors and electrical outlets to minimize the transmission of sound * Minimizes noise originating from plumbing pipes within walls * Encapsulates home theaters for enhanced sound proofing * Reduces airborne sound that originates from the ...

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We used Icynene to insulate our old home and we have already experienced a 25% reduction in the heating consumption.