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    Best Way to Control Air Leakage - Conventional insulation leaves gaps and seams where air can move through the building envelope. Only a complete insulation and air barrier system such asThe Icynene Insulation System® can effectively minimize air leakage by sealing the building envelope to create ...
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    Making your home healthier - * Completely air-seals buildings, creating a comfortable, draft-free, condensation-free environment * Minimizes the potential for mold growth Locks out dust, allergens, odors and pollutants * Isolates your living space from toxic garage fumes * 100% water-blown - does NOT contain formaldehyde, CFCs, HCFCs, ...
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    Thermal Barriers - Many building inspection jurisdictions require specifically formulated heat and fire barriers to be applied to selected spray foam insulation surfaces. Sunny South Insulators uses a cementitious fire protective coating that is spray applied to interior foam surfaces on walls and ...
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    Will sealing my building with spray foam cause indoor air quality problems? - Your building does need to be ventilated in order to maximize the quality of indoor air (moisture levels and contaminant levels). Most design professionals will advise you to seal the structure as tight as possible and provide the necessary ventilation ...
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We used Icynene to insulate our old home and we have already experienced a 25% reduction in the heating consumption.