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    How does spray foam seal my building? - Spray polyurethane insulation is sprayed on as a liquid which reacts and expands in place. This expansion action also seals all of the cracks and crevasses in your wall's exterior sheathing. The result is that air can no longer slip ...
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    Best Way to Control Air Leakage - Conventional insulation leaves gaps and seams where air can move through the building envelope. Only a complete insulation and air barrier system such asThe Icynene Insulation System® can effectively minimize air leakage by sealing the building envelope to create ...
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    FAQs for Professionals - How does spray foam insulation seal my building?Is thermal barrier required and when is it needed?At what point in the construction should spray foam insulation be applied?Can spray foam insulation be applied directly ...
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    Limitations of Conventional Insulation - Insulation that just insulates is not enough. The challenges you face as an architect are formidable. Whether you design contemporary or traditional, single-family custom homes, schools, healthcare facilities, or retail businesses, your clients expect a healthy, high-performance building that ensures consistent, ...
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    Why Icynene? - The Icynene Insulation System® Supports Your Reputation and Your Business Reputation is the #1 factor that contributes to any business' growth potential. Obviously, it pays to havea reputation of designing consistent quality buildings. Icynene® is a product that will ...
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I had no idea that any one product could do so much for our homes as well as benefit the clients. We were able to reduce our energy consumption dramatically, which reduced our energy bills.