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Best Way to Control Air Leakage

Conventional insulation leaves gaps and seams where air can move through the building envelope. Only a complete insulation and air barrier system such as
The Icynene Insulation System® can effectively minimize air leakage by sealing the building envelope to create a uniform, seamless barrier for optimal airtightness.
Icynene® softly expands to conform to the shape of the structure and cover every inch of its surface, leaving no crack or crevice susceptible to air infiltration.
The result? A continuous, protective barrier that virtually eliminates air leakage to deliver all the benefits of sustainable building. Three significant opportunities for design professionals, facility managers and their clients are emerging from sustainable, or Green, building:

1) A Comfortable, Healthier Indoor Environment
The increasing incidence of mold and moisture intrusion – two major causes of building failure – has spawned thousands of property damage cases now pending in the courts. The implications can be seen in rising insurance premiums and new damage exclusions. With increasing moisture problems surfacing in buildings, Icynene® is an essential component of any moisture management program because it minimizes airborne moisture transport that may contribute to subsequent mold and mildew problems. Minimize the Triggers of Asthma and Allergies For asthma sufferers, poor indoor air quality can aggravate their condition. And, with asthma rates increasing by 160% over the past 15 years [source: aerias.org], Green Building is becoming a more favorable option for most of your clients. 100% water-blown, Icynene® contains no HCFCs, HFAs, HFCs or formaldehyde, reducing the number of indoor pollutants to help those suffering from allergies and asthma breathe easier. It works to keep harmful allergens and pollutants outside so that, when combined with proper mechanical ventilation, occupants have more control over the indoor air they breathe. This high-performance insulation is designed to create a more comfortable environment for the building’s occupants by sealing the envelope like no conventional insulation can. Improvements to the indoor environment also include the comfort that comes from having more control over unwanted sounds. Since Icynene® minimizes airflow through walls, floors and ceilings, airborne sounds remain outside. Whether noise pollution originates from traffic and airplanes, or from home theaters and playrooms, Icynene® air-seals to reduce these unwanted noises. And, because it seals plenum and plumbing spaces, Icynene® quiets plumbing runs in the walls, ceilings and floors.

2) Maximum Energy Efficiency
Icynene® not only insulates, but also seals the building envelope to significantly reduce energy bills. Its airsealing properties allow the building to operate more efficiently, therefore requiring smaller HVAC equipment. Heating and cooling costs can be cut by up to 50% versus conventional insulation.

3) Extended Building Life
Many buildings designed within the last decade have already experienced major failures due to water damage and air leakage across the building envelope, which can cause condensation and mold growth. As an effective air barrier, Icynene® can significantly reduce random air leakage and the potential for these moisture-related problems. With today's 'closed' buildings, consisting of sealed windows and an increased reliance on high efficiency HVAC systems, insulation must serve multiple roles. Beyond providing a thermal barrier, insulation today must provide air leakage control as well. This is why Icynene® is becoming the industry standard for providing maximum building envelope performance as it delivers the solutions to optimizing energy efficiency, extending building life and creating a more comfortable, healthier indoor environment.

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We had our barn insulated with Icynene and we had a special visit from the local gas utility because the fuel consumption was so low!
Bill Walker, Lethbridge