Why are we such advocates of spray foam? Here’s why!

Insulation technology has come a long way in the last few decades. A spray foam insulation system has significant environmental benefits over conventional insulation, and its performance and energy efficiency ratings are unparalleled. Spray foam is a superior insulation that combines building science technology with design performance.

Here are our top three reasons why we recommend spray foam insulation for our customers.

Energy efficiency
Spray foam insulation delivers optimal energy efficiency by controlling energy-robbing air leakages. Your furnace and air conditioning equipment doesn’t have to work so hard, and it could allow you to install smaller, less expensive HVAC equipment. Spray foam insulation will not sag or settle in your walls over time, so retains its rated R-value through the life of your building. With a building’s routine expansion and contracting, flexible spray foam never stops sticking to your walls, so air gaps cannot develop. We’ve seen time and again that spray foam insulation reduces energy costs by up to 50% when compared to conventional insulation.

Healthier air
Spray foam insulation is a healthier alternative to conventional insulation. It is a water-based product containing none of the harmful chemicals and gases often associated with other insulation. By completely sealing the building envelope, spray foam provides a protective barrier preventing allergens, dust and mold spores from entering the home. This can reduce the impact of health conditions like asthma and allergies. By minimizing air infiltration, spray foam also reduces the amount of airborne moisture that can result in condensation and the development of mold.

Peace and quiet
Spray foam not only provides a barrier against air leakage, its superior qualities also help control noise inside and outside a building. Tired of hearing running water or vibrating pipes every time a toilet is flushed, or bathtub drained? Want to create a play area or home theatre with an amazing sound design that won’t disturb the rest of the household? Street noise, airplanes, traffic. Forget about it – spray foam turns living and working rooms into harmonious spaces.

We could go on

Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons why we love spray foam insulation.

Hard-to-insulate areas are a thing of the past.
When you use spray foam, homes or building designs that have creative architectural features like arches, cathedral, domed or vaulted ceilings no longer pose insulation challenges. Rim joists that support floors are notoriously hard to insulate with conventional methods, leading to cold/warm spots and higher energy bills. Spray foam insulation creates an air barrier by filling all gaps, sticks to surrounding materials and delivers ideal R-value all in one step. It’s also ideal for steel-framed homes because it expands to fill allspaces that exist between metal stud wall systems. That beats conventional insulation hands-down.

Hello insulation efficiency – goodbye leakage and high energy bills.
Up to 40% of a home’s energy is lost through uncontrolled air leakage. Openings around plumbing, vents and electrical service entries are responsible for 17% of that. Conventional insulation (fiberglass or cellulose) doesn’t do a good job of stopping air leaks because it sags and settles over time. Whether your warm air is leaking out your house, or cold air and drafts are entering your home, don’t let poor-quality insulation waste your energy and cause discomfort, moisture and air quality issues. Spray foam insulation – combined with weather stripping, plastic window film and caulking – can create powerful barriers and seal gaps for a whole-home solution that prevents your hard-earned money from leaking away.

Moisture in your house leads to damage, increased costs and reduced air quality.
Moisture moves through the walls of your home by air, so insulation that controls air movement can help manage moisture and create a healthier home. Moisture builds up inside a home through daily activities like cooking and showering. If hot, humid air is trapped in a home, your air conditioner works harder to remove humidity, increasing cooling costs. Excess moisture not adequately removed can lead to mold issues. We recommend a combination of spray foam insulation to create an air barrier to stop condensation on inside walls, along with ventilation to bring in fresh air to help get rid of excess moisture.

Older building or home? Update easily with new technology.
Over our four decades in the business, Sunny South Insulators has developed innovative ways of injecting spray foam into older buildings with hard-to-access nooks and crannies. Homeowners reap the benefit of increased insulation R-value at a much lower cost than completing a full-scale renovation. Spray foam reduces energy costs, enhances sound proofing, improves indoor air quality and won’t damage existing walls.

Want to know more? Ask one of our Sunny South insulation experts. They can share more about their passion for spray foam as a proven solution for your home or building.

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