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Insulation Benefits For Your Customers

The recent NAHB customer preference study detailed what many custom home builders have known for years –upscale, discerning homebuyers want the peace of mind that can only be found in a Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient™ home. Some of the key report findings include;

• Homeowners with higher incomes or those expecting to buy a more expensive home, were more likely to pay a premium for an environmentally-friendly home than the average homeowner. Overall, 70% of all homeowners surveyed indicated that they were very concerned about the structural materials going into their homes.
• 72% of respondents with homes valued over $350,000 rated soundproofing as desirable or essential.
• Households with incomes of $100,000 or more, or expecting to pay $350,000 or more for their homes, said they would be willing to pay $7,000 or more up front for their home to ensure a yearly savings of $1,000 in utilities. And A More Mold Resistant Home Recently we've all read the numerous reports of dangerous molds growing in and on walls, crawlspaces, and attics. This can happen when warm moist air contacts cooler surfaces and generates condensation. Because Icynene® completely seals the building envelope, it can be an effective component in a mold prevention program. In addition, testing by Texas Tech University confirmed that Icynene® is not a food source for mold.

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We have a ceramic floor above the garage and in the winter, the floor would often be 18 degrees colder than the room temperature. After removing the fiberglass and adding Icynene, the temperature difference is now less than 2 degrees, and we no longer have frozen pipes.
Todd & Jeri,