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Open Cell 0.5 lb. Foam

What is Icynene 0.5lb open cell foam:

  • is a soft, spray-in-place, light density, expanding foam insulation
  • acts as both an insulation and air barrier
  • provides superior control of air leakage
  • provides a custom fit every time it is installed because it expands 100 times its initial volume
  • is environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and formaldehyde free By using Icynene®, you can offer your customers the quality, craftsmanship and innovative design they demand.
  • delivers improved sound control
  • provides an ideal base for a healthy home

  • has been tested to the ASTM E283 protocol and validated as an air barrier material
  • expands into cracks, crevices and gaps to reduce air leaks thus providing a more energy efficient and ultimately healthier home

Places that use Icynene open cell foam:

  • Any wood wall stud construction; above grade walls

  • Rim joists

  • Bonus rooms (room above garage or porch)

  • Vaulted/ cathedral style ceilings/ attics

  • Soundproofing for home theater rooms, laundry rooms, kids place rooms, multi-unit housing

  • Old housing stud walls by injection using drill & fill method

  • Small additions that have no access 

  • Window & door jams

  • Skylights 

  • Gables 


Sunny South Insulators has the experience and understanding to tailor each situation and use the most efficient product. We will tell you which type is the most appropriate for your application. You can trust the experience of Sunny South experts.

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I had no idea that any one product could do so much for our homes as well as benefit the clients. We were able to reduce our energy consumption dramatically, which reduced our energy bills.