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Building Science

Energy Savings

When it comes to choosing the right insulation, consider this. Insulation products that deliver optimal energy efficiency should possess the following characteristics:

  • Air-sealing capability to control energy-robbing air leakage, allowing the furnace and air conditioning equipment to work less hard and more efficiently.
  • Consistent performance at the rated R-value through the life of the building. Insulation should not sag/settle or off-gas within your walls over time, creating gaps and voids and losing its R-value.
  • Flexibility that lets the insulation expand/contract with your home to ensure that the insulation completely adheres to the walls and eliminates any air gaps in the walls that allow air to pass through.

Icynene soft and flexible foam creates a seamless air-seal, helping homeowners achieve potential energy savings of up to 50% every month versus traditional insulation.

See what you could save with Icynene insulation and air barrier, which minimizes air leakage better than conventional insulation.

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We have a ceramic floor above the garage and in the winter, the floor would often be 18 degrees colder than the room temperature. After removing the fiberglass and adding Icynene, the temperature difference is now less than 2 degrees, and we no longer have frozen pipes.
Todd & Jeri,