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Thermal Barriers

Many building inspection jurisdictions require specifically formulated heat and fire barriers to be applied to selected spray foam insulation surfaces. Sunny South Insulators uses a cementitious fire protective coating that is spray applied to interior foam surfaces on walls and ceilings forming a hard durable thermal barrier against heat and fire. It is applied to a required thickness in a single spray pass resulting in a low cost method of meeting building code and insurance requirements.

For this purpose, SSI uses products with proven field and laboratory records of performance, reliability, ease of application and low in-place cost. When trowelled, the surface can be lightly trowelled to form a semi-smooth paintable surface. (One such thermal barrier product is Grace Construction Products’ “Monokote Z-3306”.) In addition to foam insulation surfaces in conventional residential and commercial types of structures, these thermal barrier products have been used in:

    Breweries, freezers and coolers
    Controlled atmosphere fruit and vegetable storage facilities
    Ice arenas and recreation centers
    Indoor tennis courts and swimming pools
    Pig and dairy barns
    Seed storage and processing facilities
    Water treatments plants

To find out more about our Thermal Barrier product visit the Grace Construction Web Site (a new window will open)

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We had our barn insulated with Icynene and we had a special visit from the local gas utility because the fuel consumption was so low!
Bill Walker, Lethbridge