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Building Science

Why Icynene?

The Icynene Insulation System® Supports Your Reputation and Your Business Reputation is the #1 factor that contributes to any business' growth potential. Obviously, it pays to have
a reputation of designing consistent quality buildings. Icynene® is a product that will add value to your designs. As a product with significant environmental benefits, Icynene® can assist building owners in obtaining LEED certification. And, more consumers are willing to pay extra for options that result in better quality buildings and the associated awareness for their environmental efforts. Your company's reputation also benefits when you specify trusted and proven products that are recognized by such well-known and highly-regarded organizations as Building Science Corporation, Building America, Florida Solar Energy Council (FSEC), and IBACOS – all of which have used Icynene.

Choose Icynene®. Design without compromise.

• It takes the shape of any structure so that you can unleash your creativity
• It does not shrink, sag or settle
• It is safer for the building's occupants, promoting healthier, pollution-free indoor air
• It helps prevent movement of airborne moisture across the building envelope - one of the main causes of mold
• It achieves optimal airtightness for significant energy savings

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I am SO glad I decided to use Icynene to insulate the entire envelope of my house. We did a full-renovation, and the 100% air barrier has been fabulous. Ameri-spec tested our house for the federal renovation grant, and said we were more heat efficient than most of the new "green" homes going up on the west side. Icynene definitely contributed to the $3800 rebate we got.
Tim, South Lethbridge