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Controlling Moisture

Why is moisture control any concern of insulation? Up to 99% of the moisture moving through the walls of your home is actually carried by air, insulation that controls air movement can help manage moisture and create a healthier home.

What's the problem?
  • If moisture carried by air is allowed to move through your walls it can condense within the walls leading to moisture and mold problems
  • Moisture can build up inside your home through daily activities like cooking and showering
  • If hot humid air leaks into a home, the air conditioner must work harder to remove the humidity, increasing cooling costs
What can you do?
  • Minimize air movement by using an insulation/ air barrier to stop moist air from condensing inside you walls, along with mechanical ventilation to bring in fresh/ filtered air and to help get rid of excess airborne moisture 

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We used Icynene to insulate our old home and we have already experienced a 25% reduction in the heating consumption.