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Controlling Noise

For homeowners, who are creating media rooms or home theatres, sound control is a top consideration. Think how peaceful our homes could be if we could also control the symphony of sounds from plumbing, playrooms, laundry rooms, street noise and airplanes!

What's the problem?
  • Sound travels in a number of ways, most commonly through the air, Sound can move through air at many frequencies. Mid-range sounds are the most common in daily life, like stereo noise, voices, rushing water in plumbing and some noises from outside
  • Running water can cause piping behind walls and above ceilings to vibrate -- a real nuisance every time the toilet is flushed or bathtub is drained 
What can you do?
  • Reduce mid-range noises by controlling air movement through your walls with an air barrier like Icynene
  • Using an air barrier with drywall mounted on resilient channels can also provide a structural break between to parts of the home, isolating vibrations or noise 

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After re-insulating my attic with Icynene, my home is significantly cooler in summer & warmer in winter.